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                1. Hurricane

                System off Mexico could be next named storm, target Texas

                The National Hurricane Center continues to monitor a system off the east coast of Mexico that strengthened over the weekend and could produce heavy rain as it becomes a tropical cyclone in the next 48 hours.

                Forecasters say the system is expected to move slowly northwestward toward the northeastern coast of Mexico, and may become a tropical cyclone before it moves inland in a day or two.

                The system has a 60 percent chance of developing into a tropical system over the next two days, according to the Hurricane Center. If it does develop, it will be named Barry.

                Some models, however, have the storm taking a more northward track, hugging the Mexico and South Texas coast before turning toward the northeast and potentially making landfall in Louisiana. Should the system remain offshore, there is a higher chance of it developing into a tropical storm. However, it is expected to weaken as it encounters wind shear the farther north it travels.

                In any event, forecasters say the system is likely to produce heavy rainfall over portions of southern and eastern Mexico over the next few days.

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