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                Hour by hour, the latest on the outcome of the balloting in Florida and nationwide.
                Nov. 4• Politics
                Measure to bring the hourly amount up to $15 over the next few years barely passed the 60 percent threshold.
                Nov. 4• Elections
                Republicans may even grow their majority.
                Nov. 4• Elections
                Charlie Crist, Kathy Castor and Gus Bilirakis all won reelection, as did sheriffs Chad Chronister and Bob Gualtieri.
                Nov. 3• Elections
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                See all races, statewide and in Hillsborough, Pinellas and other Tampa Bay counties.
                Nov. 3• Elections
                See results in Chad Chronister’s re-election race and more.
                Nov. 3• Elections
                See results in Bob Gualtieri’s re-election race and more.
                Nov. 3• Elections
                See results for school superintendent and more.
                Nov. 3• Elections


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                7. Yesterday• Elections
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