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                Huge alligator spotted on Florida golf course during Eta

                The gator was spotted on a Naples golf course.

                While Eta’s strong winds and rain pushed most people indoors, it drew out an alligator that took a stroll along a Naples golf course.

                A now-viral set of photos and video shows the massive gator walking toward the water, his thick tail dragging behind.

                Many questioned if the alligator was real, stunned by the size of it.

                “Yep, it’s real,” said Tyler Stolting, the first assistant golf professional at Valencia Golf and Country Club. At about 2 p.m., he was driving by in a golf cart when he spotted the gator at the 17th tee, he said Thursday morning.

                Stolting said while he’s used to seeing the occasional gator on the golf course, he’d never seen one that size.

                “Once I got closer it definitely was a shock,” he said.

                Stolting didn’t call the police or the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission for help, instead letting the alligator go along into the water.

                Alligators rarely bite people, instead going for easy-to-capture animals, according to the commission.

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